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(1) Write and explain various surface and ground water sources.

(2) List various factors which are considered before taking a decision on design period of water supply schemes.

(3)List and explain in brief various bacteriological tests conducted for the estimation of micro-biological quality of water.

(4)List and explain in brief the water treatment processes covered under pre- treatment.

(5)Differentiate between coagulation and flocculation

(6)With the help of sketches, illustrate various types of layout used in water distribution system.

(7)List various appurtenances used in house water supply.

(8)What are the basic components of sanitary sewer system ?

(9) Distinguish between sanitary sewer and storm drainage system.

(10)What are different units of sludge treatment ? Draw a flow diagram of it.Also discuss sludge thickening, sludge stabilization and sludge dewatering.

(11)Name various ways of final disposal of effluent of sewage treatment plant.

(12)Classify wells according to water flow conditions. Explain any one.

(13) Classify wells according to method of Constructions. Explain tube well with neat sketch.

(14) With the help of a neat sketch, describe the working of a slow sand filter. Also discuss its relative advantages and disadvantages over rapid sand filters.

(15)List various types of pipes and pipe joints which are used for water supply system. Describe with the help of neat sketch, two types of joints.

(16)What do you understand by corrosion in pipes ? What are the reasons of corrosion? What are the remedial methods ?

(17)Discuss the working principle of activated sludge process. Draw a flow diagram in schematic form of waste water treatment plant that includes activated sludge process.

(18)With the help of a flow diagram describe the working of Aerobic Sludge Digester. Also discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of aerobic and anaerobic sludge digestion process.

(19) Define average per capita demand of water and discuss the factors affecting it

(20) How you will select source of water for water supply schemes ? Discuss

(21) What do you understand by the term, "Water Borne Disease" ? Name one water borne disease under each category of bacterial viral and protozoa origin.

(22)How should water sample be collected for laboratory examinations ? Explain in brief

(23)What is water softening ? Explain any three methods of water softening

(24)What are the basic components of sanitary sewer system ?

(25)Distinguish between sanitary sewer and storm drainage system.

(26) What do you understand by terms Sludge Bulking and F/M ratio ? Dlscuss the importance with reference to wastewater treatment.

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