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Marketing research Question Bank

Marketing research question bank
(1) A well established consumer oriented company is engaged in the manufacture of detergent cakes and powder. The Company wants to do in depth study on the consumer profile of detergent cake to readjust its brand positioning. How would you go about doing this?

(2) Suppose you are the marketing manager of a newly established electronic industry interested in manufacturing Televisions (TVs). How would you go about assessing the present demand for TVs in the country and the forecast for the next five years? 

(3) Suggest your own methods for overcoming the resistance to using market research if you are employed as marketing head of a large manufacturing organisation?

(4) What is cluster analysis? What are its possible applications? 

(5) State how the following techniques differ from each other (a) Cluster Analysis 
(b)Discriminant Analysis.

(6) An airlines marketing manager wants to segment his customer. How can cluster analysis be used for this purpose?

(7) Give few examples of marketing situations where cluster analysis can be used?

(8) Discuss with the help of examples the areas where Multi-dimentional Scaling can be applied for?

(9) Define conjoint analysis and state its potientail applications? 

(10) Describe some marketing research problems that you feel may be amenable to conjoint analysis and explain how you would use conjoint analysis in these situation?

(11) What are the steps involved in conjoint analysis? Explain with the help of examples.

(12) What are the ways in which percentages may be computed in a cross-tabulation table? which way is the best? 

(13) In a contingency table, what type of hypothesis is tested using chi-square test? What precautions may be taken while applying the test? 

(14) What are the various measures used to 'measure the strength of association between two nominal variables? Describe them and clearly mention their limitations, if any.

(15) Discuss the problem of using the contingency coefficient in intepreting the results of correlation analysis? 

(16) Explain the difference between correlation & regression?

(17) What is the basic use of a chi-square goodness of fit test'? How is the value
of the test statistic calculated? How are the expected frequenciesdetermined? 
(18) What is the appropriate test statistic for making inferences about a population mean when the variance is known? When the population variance is unknown? Suppose the population variance is unknown, but the sample size is large, what is the appropriate procedure then?

(19)Describe, in brief, the importance of editing, coding, classification, tabulation and presentation of data in the context of research study?

(20) Discuss the different aspects of classification of data.What are the likely problems encountered in the classification and how they can be handled?

(21) Why tabulation is considered essential in a research study? Give the characteristics of a good table?

(22) Write briefly about the different forms of data presentation devices?

(23) Discuss the fundamental rules of code construction?

(24) Discuss with the help of suitable examples various steps involved in data processing? 

(25) Highlight the main, differences between qualitative and quantitative research?

(26) With the help of examples, discuss the areas where qualitative research can be used in marketing?

(27) What are the various methods of conducting qualitative research? Discuss advantages and limitations of each of these methods?

(28) What are the four different levels of measurement? Discuss the mathematical operations which may or may not be used under each level of measurement? 

(29) Explain the three criterion of measuring the usefulness of an attitude scale?

(30) Distinguish between graphic and itemised rating scale What are the advantages of itemised scale over graphic rating scales? Name the level of measurement which corresponds to the data collected by graphic rating scale?

(31) Distinguish between the following:
(a) Forced & Non-forced response formats
(b) Comparitive & Non-comparitve formats
(c) Balanced & Un-balanced formats

(31) Show with the help of an example how you can convert ordinal scale measurement to nominal scale measurement?

(33) The method of analysis of data depends upon the level of its measurement". Discuss?

(34) Indicate giving reasons the scale of measurements for the following variables:
(i) Geographical area
(ii) Costs
(iii) Index numbers
(iv) Preferences
(v) Cast in a society

(35) Distinguish between the validity and reliability of a measure. How may the reliability of a measure be evaluated?

(36) What is meant by a questionnaire? 

(37) What sort of marketing information can he collected with the help of a questionnaire?

(38) What are the merits and demerits of a structured questionnaire? 

(39) In what sort of marketing studies will you use an unstructured questionnaire? 

(40) Explain the' meaning of open-ended and closed-ended question?

(41) Compare and contrast quota sampling with stratified sampling? 

(42) Point out the basic difference between stratified sampling and cluster sampling?

(43) Explain in detail the various sampling designs under non-probability sampling method. Also bring out their relevance in marketing research studies?

(44) One of the important reasons for the use of surveys is that they can obtain sound information on what people actions in the future will be. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer?

(45) Discuss the main sources of primary and secondary data?

(46) What is the type of data available from official publications?

(47) What are the limitations associated with the use of secondary data?

(48) What are the tools of collecting data from respondents?

(49) Discuss the important sources of error in both secondary and primary data?

(50) Explain the various extraneous variables which if not controlled in an experiment contaminate the effect of the independent variable? 
(51) What are the marketing research situations suitable for
(a) Focus group study
(b) Panel research design
(c) Cross-sectional design 
(d) Quasi-experimental design

(52) Distinguish between exploratory and descriptive research design?

(53)What are the major reasons for growing importance of Marketing Research in India'? 
(54) What are the different ways of conducting marketing research'? Describe the scope for outsourcing of marketing research services in India?

(55) Suggest some possible areas where marketing research would find increasing application in India'?

(56) Briefly comment on the problems faced by researchers in conducting marketing research in India?

(57) What is marketing research? 

(58) Briefly comment on the definition of marketing research?

(59) Indicate whether marketing research is relevant to each of the following organization and if so, how each might benefit from it.
(a) Your company 
(b) Central Minis in the Government of India 
(c) A retail shop
(d) A bank 
(e) A service business

(60) What are the major weaknesses of marketing rese-1rch? 

(61) Suggest some of the precautions to be adopted in the problem definition stage?

(62) Suggest some possible areas of application of marketing research?

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