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annamalai university second year

1. “Do you think Inter-country difference affect Human resource practice” –
Substantiate your views.
2. “International staffing is as similar as staffing practices done in domestic” –
Discuss in detail.
3. Give two specific examples of MNC of your choice near you. Compare its HR
practice with any public or private organization of your country.
4. How does appraising an expatriate’s performance differ from appraising that of a
home office manager? How would you avoid some of the unique problems of
appraising the expatriate’s performance? Explain.
1. An Indian company wants to enter into international markets. The company
decided to involve another company in the foreign country. Explain the mode of
entry where the involvement of foreign country is possible and state in which
situations each of them is suitable.
2. Why does direct investment in foreign market attend marketers the greatest
degree of control over international marketing activities? Explain with live
3. How can an organisation determine its best option for entering an international
trade agreement such as NAFTA and international governing organisations such
as WTO have on decisions to expand internationally?
4. Formulate competitive market entry strategies that leverage the advantages of
international operations.
1. Consider any two Indian Companies of your choice. One Company is manufacturing
petrochemicals in India and sells them in global markets in competition with
German, American and Japanese firms. The other manufactures and exports
pickles and Indian Spices to Europe and Middle East competing with other firms,
which either import these products from India or manufacture them in India and
sell in the same markets. Which of these two firms faces the more severe operating
exposure to exchange rates? Discuss in detail.
2. In the absence of a common currency throughout the world, a series of problems
may arise in International Cash Management.” What are those problems? How
can those problems are overcome.
3. An export company wants to raise capital from international markets. What are
the basic considerations the firm should take into account while making this
international financing decision? Discuss.
4. A country’s current account balance is equal to its private savings surplus minus its
government budget deficit. Assume that a country has a current account surplus of
$ 10,000, a government budget deficit of $ 1,500, and private savings of $ 12,000.
What is the country’s investment? Is the country saving more or less than is needed
to finance its investment and budget deficit? Explain in detail.
1. You are assigned the position of Chief Manager in a logistics company located at
Mumbai. You have customer all over India. Your responsibility is to collect the
goods from various sources and export it from the nearest port. How do you do
the operation, and explain the problems you may face during the logistical
2. Assume that you are a warehouse designer. Mr. Adithya has decided to
construct a warehouse in the central part of the state. Counsel Mr. Adithya in
designing the warehouse with different sizes and shapes and explain its
relationship with material-handling system. Suggest the reason for constructing
square design warehouse and rectangular design warehouse.
3. A Multinational FMCG company is going to enter India, next year which has its
network in more than 20 countries across the world. The company is planning
to have its business throughout India. You are appointed as logistics manager of
that company. As a Logistic manager, how do you support the company in
achieving customer satisfaction which is one of the key objectives of the
company? You can quote strategies from currently operating FMCG companies.
4. Since tough competition is going on in the market in all the fields, device
strategies to face competition of chain of Pharmacies. Explain your views based
on logistics management.
1. Several CEO’s of larger Corporations in recent times are forced to resign when
they are unable to deliver Superior performance. Discuss this in the light of
nuances of strategy execution.
2. How MC Kinsey’s 7s frameworks can be used to evaluate the fit between
organizational strategies during implementation?
3. “Social audit is defined as it is a systematic study about an organization’s
performance with regard to the society or environment and to be distinguished
from the economic benefits derived out of its performance” – What will be the
reason for social audit needed under Global management system or process?
4. What have been DELL competitive advantages in the Global industry? How
transferable are those competitive advantages across boards?
1. What are the various measures taken by the Global organization like United
Nations organization in the matter of (a) Trade & Commerce (b) peace and
Tranquility in the world (c) Nuclear disarmament (d) Disaster management
(e) poverty eradication (f) Terrorism (g) Literacy with particular reference to
Country level is functions with functionaries.
2. What are our foreign policies with USA & UK and how they different from other
European Countries and neighboring countries in Asia.
3. What are the various alternatives available to an expected from the view point of
realizing export proceeds? Arrange than in order of safety. What are the risks
associated with each of these alternatives?
4. Elaborate on the various regulatory and commercial documents used in export?
Highlight the functions of these documents.
1. “Observational studies in which the subjects are not first informed that their
behavior is being observed are unethical.” – Comment
2. Sweet cookies are planning to launch a new line of cookies and want to assess
the market size. The cookies have a mixed Chocolate-Pineapple flavor and will be
targeted at the premium end of the market. Discuss the six W’s of a descriptive
research design that may be adopted.
3. Coca Cola is considering introducing very small bottles of its product to Brazil.
These would cost less than bottled water. Discuss whether or not the company
should do so.
4. A college student has just purchased a new Apple iPad. What factors might
cause the student to experience post-purchase dissonance? How might the
student try to overcome it? How can the retailer who sold the computer help
reduce the student is dissonance? How can the computer’s manufacturer help?
1. “India has adequate institutional infrastructure available for exports”. Justify
the statement explain
2. Analyse India’s current foreign trade. What are the suggestive measures provided in
the current export import policy 2009-2015 to improve the foreign trade?
3. Suppose you are a manager of an Export – Import firm. Develop an EDI plan for
your organization.
4. Super Chip Company is a manufacturer of computer chips that are used in
computer aided manufacturing equipment. Super chip products are the best
available and in many cases the only product that meets certain specifications.
Therefore, the demand for its components is high. The company has been in
business for more than ten years and has established an excellent reputation for
on-time delivery. What method of payment would you expect is most often used
by buyers of super chip company products? Justify your response.

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