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Company law part1

Company law 
1) Who are the directors of a company? How are they appointed?
2) Explain the rules regarding the number of directors and directorships.
3) Discuss the legal position of directors.
4) What restrictions have been imposed by the Companies Act in respect of
appointment of directors?
5)Explain the qualifications and disqualification for the office of a director.
6) What is meant by qualification shares? Is it necessary to be a shareholder or to
acquire qualification shares before acting as a director?
7) What are the circumstances when the office of a director shall become vacant'?
8) How can a director be removed from office before the expiry of their term of office?
9) Discuss the powers and duties of directors.
10) Explain the liability of directors towards the company and third parties. Can a
director be held liable for criminal liability?
11) Write an explanatory note on meetings of directors.
12) Explain the procedure of allotment of shares.
13) What is an irregular allotment? What are its consequences?
14) What is meant by return of allotment?
15) Under what circumstances can a company issue shares at a discount?
16) When shares can be issued at a premium? For what purposes the premium amount
can be utilised?
17) What is a shareccrtificate? When must it be issued? Can a company issue a duplicate
share certificate, if so when?
18) What is share warrant? Distinguish between a share certificate and a share warrant.
19) What is meant by 'call'? What are the requisites of a valid cell?
20) Explain the procedure of forfeitingthe shares. What is theeffect of forfeiture'? How
forfeiture is different from surrender of shares?

21 "Company is an artificial person created by law with a perpetual succession and
is different from the personality of the member constituting it'. Comment.
22 Discuss the concept of corporate veil. Under what circumstances can this veil be
23 Distinguish between a company and a partnership.
24 Describe the characteristics of a company.
25 Discuss the circumstances in which lifting of corporate veil is justified
26 What are the different types of companies which may be incorporated under the
Companies Act.

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