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Monday, 30 November 2015 10:03

Tourism research methodology


  1. Why should we know the habits, hobbies etc. of tourists?
  2. How does the knowledge of World tourism trends help in tourist development?
  3. Discuss the five major points to be explored in the Sociology of tourism
  4. List the methodologies adopted in studying the Sociology of tourism. What is the emphasis in the individual method?
  5. What is the importance of field work in anthropological studies of tourism?
  6. What alternative modes of travel are generally available for city tours in world
  7. How many stops would you plain for a day long city tour ?
  8. Write short notes on the plan of Taj Mahal as you will describe to the tourists ?
  9. What kind of flowers have been used as motifs in Taj Mahal and what is their significance
  10. How would you explain the architect of Taj Mahal?
  11. Mention the accounts of European travellers about the Taj Mahal.
  12. Write short notes on       Himalayan Tourism.
  13. What kind of expectations a tourist has from the guide in the Himalayas
  14. What are the rare stone sculptures in the Museum?
  15. Why do tourists visit a wild life Sanctuary?
  16. What are the common behavioural features of wild life tourists?
  17. What is the role of photography in wild life tourism?
  18. What is the importance of ecological awareness in wild life tourism?
  19. What do many visitors look for when they travel, in addition to monuments and a pleasant place to stay?
  20. Discuss the relationship between wildlife and tourism.
  21. What advice will you give to tourists to help conservation efforis?
  22. What are the major constraints faced in the development of island tourism?
  23. Why are hill resorts located in lesser Himalayas becoming popular today
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