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leading corporate (Code: c97)

leading corporate
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 leading corporate     CAST STUDY  solution

Read the following case and answer the questions given at the end of the case.

 A leading corporate hospital chain established and managed by top medical professionals has presence in all the metros and major cities of India. Though they are geographically scattered far and wide yet they share a common philosophy in rendering their services in terms of quality, timeliness and approach towards patient care and well being. In this context the top management of the hospital has come up with an idea to establish and run round the clock pharmacy stores through franchise model. To begin with, these outlets need to be first established in the metros and in a phased manner they would expand to other major cities based on the performance and feedback.

Questions :

 (a) What kind of data will be required to ascertain the feasibility of commencing this business ?

 (b) What criteria would you consider in deciding the right locations for these pharmacy outlets ? (make necessary assumptions, if required)

(c) Suggest suitable positioning strategy for this chain of pharmacy stores.

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