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MBA106 Business Communication (Code: MBA 106 BOOK)

MBA106 Business Communication
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MBA106 Business Communication MBA106 Business Communication

PTU university SOLVED Notes AND GUESS 


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MBA106 Business Communication

Objective: This course is designed to give students a comprehensive view of communication, its scope and importance in business, the role of communication in establishing a favourable image of the organization. The aim is to develop students' ability to communicate correctly and effectively on matters having relevance to day-to-day business operations. This course will make student conversant with fundamentals of communication, help them honing oral, written and non-verbal communication skills and to transform their communication abilities.

Unit- I

Introduction to Communication: Meaning, Process, Importance of Communication in

Business, Types of Information, Formal and Informal Communication, Internal and External Communication, Communication Channels, Choosing the Means of Communication, Audience Analysis, Ethical Considerations for Business Communication, Media of Communication, Barriers of Communication, Approaches to Effective Communication, Essentials of Effective Business Communication (7Cs model)

Unit –II

Strategies to Improve Individuals Reading and Listening Skills- Developing Reading

Skills: Identify The Purpose of Reading, Factors Effecting Reading, learning how to think and read, developing effective reading habits, reading tactics and strategies: training eye and training mind (SQ3R), Recognizing a broad range of thought patterns in reading selections, reading and interpreting visuals, making inferences, recognizing facts and opinions. Developing Listening Skills: importance, purpose of listening, art of listening, factors affecting listening, components of effective listening, process of listening, principles and barriers to listening, activities to improve listening.

Unit- III

Types of Communication: Oral Communication: Advantages and Disadvantages, Conversation as Communication, Art of Public Speaking, Telephonic Conversations and Voice Mails, Group Communication through Committees, Preparing and Holding Meetings, other formal communication with public at large, seminar, symposia and conferences, Overcoming Stage fright, Ambiguity Avoidance. Written Communication: Advantages and Disadvantages, Covering letter, Need, Functions and Kinds, Layout of Letter Writing, Types of Letter Writing: Persuasive Letters, Request Letters, Sales Letters, Complaints and Adjustments; Departmental Communication: Meaning, Need and Types: Interview Letters, Promotion Letters, Resignation Letters, Newsletters, Circulars, Agenda, Notice, Office Memorandums, Office Orders, Press Release Report Writing: Structure, Types, Formats, Drafting of Various Types of Report. Nonverbal – Features, Understanding of Body Language, Posture, Gestures. Influences on Communication: Social influences, Culture and Communication, Few Guidelines for Better Multicultural Communication, Business

Etiquettes and Communication.

Unit- IV

Developing Effective Public Relations: Drafting Speech, Press Release, Brochures, Handouts, Leaflets, e-newsletters. Group Discussion- Nature, Uses and Importance,

Guidelines for GD Presentations: How to make effective Presentations, Four P‟s of

Presentation, Structuring, Rehearsing, and Delivery Methods. Resume Writing: Planning, Organising Contents, Layout, Guidelines for Good Resume. Interviews: Preparation Techniques, Frequently Asked Questions about How to face an interview board, Proper body posture, Projecting a positive image, Steps to succeed in interviews, Practice Mock Interview in classrooms,. The Case Method of learning: Dimensions of a case, Case Discussion, Usefulness of the case method, Training of Managers, Use the Case Method. Report writing: Structure, Types, Formats, Preparations and Presentation.


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