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MB0045 Financial Management (Code: MB0045)

MB0045 Financial Management
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MB0045 Financial Management MB0045 Financial Management

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Financial Management Syllabus.

Unit 1: An Introduction to Financial Management
Introduction, Finance Functions, Interface between Finances and other Functions, Financial Goals

Unit 2: Financial Planning
Introduction, Steps in Financial Planning, Factors Affecting Financial Plan, Estimation of Financial Requirements of a Firm

Unit 3: Time Value of Money
Introduction, Time Preference Rate and Required Rate of Return, Present Value, Solved Problems—Time Value of Money, 3,6 Terminal Questions—Time Value of Money, Valuation of Bonds and Shares, Valuation of Shares

Unit 4: Leverage
Introduction, Operating Leverage, Financial Leverage, Combined Leverage

Unit 5: Cost of Capital
Introduction, Design of an Ideal Capital Structure, Cost of Different Sources of Finance, Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Unit 6: Capital Structure
Introduction, Features of Ideal Capital Structure, Factors Affecting Capital Structure, Theories of Capital Structure

Unit 7: Capital Budgeting
Introduction, Importance of Capital Budgeting, Complexities in Capital Budgeting, Phases of Capital Expenditure Decisions, Identification of Potential Investment Opportunities, Rationale of Capital Budgeting Proposals, Capital Budgeting Process, Investment Evaluation Criteria, Appraisal Criteria

Unit 8: Capital Rationing and Risk Factor in Capital Budgeting
Introduction, Why Capital Rationing?, Steps Involved in Capital Rationing, Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting, Types and Sources of Risk in Capital, Techniques used for Incorporation of Risk Factor in Capital Budgeting Decision

Unit 9: Working Capital Management
Introduction, Components of Current Assets and Current Liabilities, Concepts of Working Capital, Objective of Working Capital Management, Need for Working Capital, Operating Cycle, Determinants of Working Capital, Estimation of Working Capital, Cash Management, Inventory Management, Receivables Management

Unit 10: Dividend Decision
Introduction, Traditional Approach, Dividend Relevance Model, Miller and Modigliani Model, Stability of Dividends, Forms of Dividends, Stock Split


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